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Last updated on February 10th, 2018 at 01:46 am

I’m a big fan of Wealthy Affiliate for affiliate marketing beginners. They offer a free membership that comes with great features, like a step-by-step breakdown of how to get started. Here’s my review as both a free member and as an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate.

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Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership


It’s Free!

Being the cheap-ass I am, this is the first thing that attracted me to them.

Getting Started Course

For me, this is the best part about their free membership. There are so many resources online and it’s so easy to get lost. Wealthy Affiliate has 10 steps in the first lesson, which covers everything from building your site to getting your site ready for SEO and finding content ideas from keywords. They really do spoon-feed you to make learning these lessons a lot easier. I never would have thought of using keywords to choose what to write about before. Once you finish an item, you can check it off to you remember your place. Here’s the basic process you’ll be going through:

Wealthy Affiliate Process

Two Free Websites

Two! Free! At a time! Which means if you use one and then realize you don’t like it, you can delete it and still have two sites. You can have two WordPress sites on the SiteRubix domain that come with useful plugins pre-installed. It’s also a great place to start and see if you’re ready to commit before you actually commit.

Personal Blog

This is probably my second favorite feature. Unless your site is about affiliate marketing or you know other people that are trying it, you don’t really get a chance to talk about your successes and failures. The blog is not only a great place to keep track of your personal progress, but also to share your experiences. And when you post something, there are actually people there to listen!


The site is almost like a social network. I haven’t made much use of these because I like to throw myself into writing new content and reading more articles, but there’s a discussion board, direct messaging, and a live chat with all members.


The people are really great. Since everyone’s in the same boat (make money using affiliate marketing), they’re really encouraging. I wrote on a blog post about my first sale and got a response from a member of the community congratulating me within 30 minutes. When you have a five-year WA veteran taking the time to congratulate a complete n00b, you know there’s something great keeping him there.

Affiliate Program

A lot of affiliate marketing companies have affiliate programs, but Wealthy Affiliate’s is one you can stand by. Starter (free) members can also join the affiliate program, and premium members gain double the commission.

EDIT: I previously stated that WA gives you $1 when someone uses your link to sign up for a free membership based on an email they sent me. I just received an email saying that this is only free for WA affiliates who are Premium members.



Not ’90s website messy, but definitely not 2017 either. It’s possible that it gets cleaner when you upgrade to Premium (or it might be the same, I wouldn’t know), but it’s definitely a little cluttered for the free members. The live chat is… well just that, a live chat. Though it is a quick way to get some answers, it gets a little hectic.

Wealthy Affiliate Site


This makes sense, but it’s still a con. You don’t have access to all of their content unless you’re a Premium member. This is fine for beginners who just need somewhere to start, but if you stick with it you’ll want to either upgrade or find something else.


I wasn’t actually sure whether this belongs under pros or cons, but I decided to put it where I personally would put it. They send you a lot of emails. The content itself isn’t spammy: they send you useful links to live training classes, recordings, and updates. Unfortunately, I’m the type of person to ignore… all of these. I don’t like watching videos because they bore me and I’d much rather read information than watch it. Luckily, you can manage your inbox preferences and I only get notifications I care about now.

My Recommendation

Try it for free

They offer a free membership, so you might as well take advantage of it. See if it’s something you see yourself doing long-term. Once you decide:

Choose your medium

There are many places to put your site, but it’s up to you to find the right place for you.

You can use Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium membership to create up to 50 websites (25 your domains, 25 SiteRubix domains). I don’t think the Premium membership comes with the domain, but you can buy those through their site or connect one that you alreay own. The Premium membership also comes with the complete Affiliate Bootcamp Training, unlimited keyword searches, 24/7/365 website support, and more. You can try your first month for $19, then each additional month will cost $49. There’s no contract and you can stop billing anytime.

Wealthy Affiliate Comparison

Or you can also do what I did and create your own site independent of Wealthy Affiliate. This is cheaper, but since you don’t have access to their additional courses, you’ll need to do some more research. I personally don’t mind this and actually find it quite fun.

Check out other resources

Obviously, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t the only place to get information. I read many many articles before diving into affiliate marketing, and there’s still so much to learn!

The number one resource I recommend for new affiliates is Affilorama’s free guide, the Roadmap for Making Money Online. They cover not only the how-to’s, but the common pitfalls to avoid. They also have videos to accompany their lessons, if you’re more into that. For an overall how to, here’s my How To: Painless Affiliate Marketing guide. I also created a list of some basic resources that I use and recommend. Good luck, have fun!

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