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Affilorama has a free membership. It’s got a really great guide, 100+ free text and video lessons, a progress tracker, access to forums and an active staff, free videos and replays, and member deals. It’s not a trial, it’s just free, and it’s pretty great. Sign up here.

Longer Version

Affilorama was the first resource that helped me understand what affiliate marketing was. I credit them for helping me get my first sale in only two weeks! (Was it a fluke? Probably. But it still would’ve taken me longer to learn the basics without them.) The company was founded by Mark Ling, an experienced affiliate marketer, and Simon Slade with the goal of simplifying the learning process for new and aspiring affiliate marketers.

There are a LOT of companies out there that offer different products and guides to learn more about affiliate marketing or programs to make money online. They require you to take a leap of faith – you know little to nothing about affiliate marketing, and they’re asking you to pay for something that’s hard to evaluate. What I like about Affilorama is that you can “try them” for free. By that, I mean they offer a free membership that is not a trial. So there’s nothing to cancel and you don’t have to give them your credit card info. What do they offer in their free membership?

Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing

What to know how to make money as an affiliate? This is where to start. A free guide to help you through common questions, avoid pitfalls, tips for success, and how-to’s for everything from picking a niche to getting visitors to your site. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this guide is. Honestly, setting up your website is information you can find anywhere. But this guide covers everything you need to get started in 32 pages, and they still provide links in case you want to know more.

Affilorama Free Guide
Once you sign up, you can download the guide anytime from their homepage.

I also know that I would’ve fallen into a few pitfalls they mentioned. I’m the type of person who creates a Pugh chart in a spreadsheet to choose a laptop, and I just know I would’ve had “analysis paralysis” if I hadn’t read the guide beforehand. I also saw myself starting to suffer from “shiny object syndrome” before I caught myself and remembered what I learned.

Sold? Get all your free stuff now! Not yet? Then keep reading. But it doesn’t cost anything, you know. 🙂

Over 100 Free Lessons

Over 100 lessons that are 100% free. There are eight sections to look through:

  • Introduction
  • Market Research
  • Content Creation
  • Site Building
  • Marketing Ideas
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Affiliate Outsourcing

Within these sections are dozens of articles that’ll teach you how to find profitable niches, outsource workers, record affiliate videos, improve conversion rates… the list goes on and on. Sound a little daunting? Yeah, trust me, I know. But they really break it down for you and give you plenty of examples to work off of.

You can even keep track of which lessons you’ve already completed. Just click the little check mark at the top and the site will remember. There’s even a little tracker on the side that tells you how far along you are in their book.

Affilorama Free Progress Bar
Get on my level >:)

I’m definitely more of a text person and really appreciate the effort and detail they put into each of their lessons. In case you don’t like the idea of reading through all of their lessons, though, they also have videos that go over the same information using the same step-by-step explanations.

Affilorama Video
A video screenshot from their lesson, What to Look For in a Hosting Provider.

See also: My Bad Experience with DreamHost

The only small issue I ran into was that there are a lot of articles. Each lesson is easy to read and understand, but since they no order that you’re supposed to read them in, you have to figure out how to piece them together as needed. If you know you need help with SEO or marketing ideas, you can just go to those sections and look through the articles. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up doing what I did and work through each section and lesson. It’s slow, but it works. For now, I’m making money off of what I learn from the free lessons and saving it to get AffiloBlueprint.

Access To Their Forum

Affilorama has one of the largest affiliate forums on the internet. Type in “affiliate marketing forum” into Google and check the first result. 😉 You can read and search through the forum without signing up, but I think you have to access the link directly, through a search result, or through a bookmark.

While it’s not exactly bustling with excitement, there are recent posts from one month to five hours ago (as of writing this post). If you ever need help, have news to share, have a question, or just want to introduce yourself, pop on over to the forums and write something. Unless your topic is affiliate marketing, you don’t really get to talk about it or share what you’ve learned, so the forums are a great way to learn more about different niches and experiences. (Side note: One of the things I really like about Wealthy Affiliate, another free resource. You can share your successes and failures, and people actually respond! Much more social. But a lot less free content. But two free sites… Just read my review here.)

Access to Videos and Webinars

I prefer text over videos, so I’m not really sure how their webinars are. I haven’t watched any. But they have them. If you miss one, you can always subscribe to their newsletters to get a link to the replay.

Blog Posts

They have a blog! In their NOTW (Niche of the Week) posts, they pick a niche and teach you how to do keyword research, how to sell, the amount of prior research required, whether it’s even worth pursuing (in the author’s opinion), and give you a list of potential affiliate programs. A few niche ideas they’ve covered are reiki, real estate, anime, and baking. And bartending, fitness, parenting, jewelry, collectible toys, coffee, organic clothing, photography, seriously I could go on and on. Don’t have a nice niche idea yet? Check out their blog.

They also have useful posts that they don’t put under “Lessons” for whatever reason, but do give additional information. There are list building strategies, best practices for email subject lines, how to create squeeze page headlines, and more. Just a warning: these posts are a little old and may be outdated. Still, they’re there for you to read.


So that’s… everything, I think. Why do they give ALL of this for free? Probably because they have a Premium membership and four products: AffiloBlueprint, AffiloJetpack, AffiloTools, and AffiloTheme. Heh.

But if their only goal was to promote their products, I don’t believe they would offer so much quality content and all those resources. Seriously, over 100 text and video lessons. Plus forums and deals. And that guide. This is what makes me believe that they really are trying to help out. And besides, you are under no obligation to buy their products. Ready to try it? Get started on your journey now!

Affilorama Free Membership Training

Member Deals

I don’t really know why they would offer deals to free members, but they do! I checked a few places to make sure they weren’t just deals they gave out to everyone and they checked out. I don’t use any of these yet though and while they’re nice, it’s not really related, so here they are at the end. The following information is copy-pasted from their site.

What Deal About
Geckoboard 2 month trial + 50% discount for life
  • Check all your key metrics from one dashboard.
  • Monitor your business’s vital signs.
  • Visualize all your important data to save time.
Crazy Egg 60-Day Trial
  • Deploy heatmaps to see exactly what your visitors look at.
  • Discover where people are clicking.
  • Tweak your layout for maximum conversions.
Speechpad 10% off your first order
  • Get quality, human transcriptions of audio and video.
  • Start your first transcription in under 30 seconds.
  • Save time transcribing your videos and audio.
Constant Content 25% off your first order
  • Purchase top-quality content from the web’s premier writers.
  • Captivate your audience with great articles and blog posts.
  • Easily tailor custom article requests. 35% bonus of first deposit
  • Get unique content for your site in hours.
  • Affordable articles with full uniqueness guarantee.
  • Have your existing articles rewritten for less than $5 each.
arpReach $50 off Standard/$100 off Gold
  • Employ the benefits of email marketing without monthly fees.
  • Self-host your own autoresponder system and do what you want with it.
  • Increase your delivery rate.
Social Oomph 10% off membership after end of free trial
  • Boost your social media productivity by scheduling & updating profiles from one place.
  • Save time with reusable drafts and templates.
  • Drip-feed your social accounts for maximum inbound benefit.
SERPS 45 day free trial
  • Get local search rank tracking down to ZIP code level.
  • Access reliable backlinks data for your websites from multiple sources.
  • Run SEO tests to accurately measure the impact of your inbound marketing.
GoAnimate 25% off your first purchase
  • Create beautiful animated videos to use in your marketing campaigns.
  • No video editing experience required.
  • Unlimited content creation, hosting and downloads.
Bidsketch 2 months free access
  • Create professional client proposals in minutes.
  • Boost your freelancing income with standout proposals & digital contracts.
  • Accept digital signatures for fast turnaround times.
Temper 50% off any plan for 3 months
  • Measure your customer satisfaction & improve your service.
  • Capture feedback in minutes.
  • Analyze and evaluate your changes with effective analytics.
ViralSweep 50% off first month
  • Explode your traffic with viral giveaways.
  • Collect leads with your sweepstakes and giveaways.
  • Expand your social media presence by offering bonus entries for people who share and refer the most.
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